Russia’s ANTI-GAY laws are a sign of INTELLIGENT life on Earth


Russia has outlawed GAY, not to be controversial, but because they have recognized the decline of societies as a direct result of the “homosexual” agenda. In Western societies, we’ve turned a blind eye to some simple and irrefutable facts:

1.) Homosexuality injures the fabric of society and is especially harmful to children. The acceptance of same-sex relationships give children the impression that homosexual relationships are good, moral, and healthy. Our childrens’ acceptance of these unnatural acts sets up a society of confusion which brings about wide spread immorality which tears families apart like packs of wild dogs.


2.) Homosexuality is anti-procreation. Logically speaking, if everyone was engaged in homosexual relationships we would never survive and perpetuate as a species. Simply put, homosexuals are destined to go extinct and therefore are counter productive to the survival of the human race.


3.) Homosexuality cannot offer the stability of a traditional family. Children need the stability of a traditional family. That means, two straight parents for proper and healthy development. It has been proven that children raised in homosexual environments will be more likely to engage in homosexuality themselves. if homosexuality can be “learned”, what does that say about the argument that people are “born that way”?


4.) Homosexuals have shortened life spans. Because of their rampant “bug chasing”, drug abuse, and decadent lifestyles homosexuals statistically do not life as long as healthy well-adjusted heterosexuals. Homosexual couples should not be able to adopt children because of their shortened life spans. These tragic conditions create a less than stable home, this is clearly child abuse.


5.) Homosexuals have a much higher rate of molestation compared to heterosexuals. 33% of child molestation is committed by homosexuals yet they only make up 3% of the population.


You can compare Russia’s stance to whatever you like, but Vladimir Putin clearly cares about the future of his country, and the welfare of todays children. Make no mistake, and don’t be fooled by your soft-serve media, Russians couldn’t be happier.


About FurDiaper

I am a heterosexual atheist. I am extremely tired of being lied to and conditioned by government and the media. We the people have right to know the truth. It's high time we all learnt to think for ourselves and free ourselves from the daily dose of brainwash. Nothing but the FACTS here.
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5 Responses to Russia’s ANTI-GAY laws are a sign of INTELLIGENT life on Earth

  1. The truth sucks, but it is in fact truth. Gay is detrimental to our youth and our family values. I personally don’t care what you choose to be but lets not flaunt it for the innocents.

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